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A recent shoot for Good Morning America - shooting with Emeril Lagassi. We surprise a lucky lady with breakfast in bed in Huntington, West Virginia. Assembling with a cast of many at 3am to set up, we hid behind bushes with our Sat truck, back up geni, motor home and 3 camera packages (HDX900 camera's) to feed our live shots throughout the broadcast. Yes the neighbors were part of this secrecy. Emeril was a blast to work with and even funnier off camera. We used Joker bug lights, Kino flo Diva's, 5 IFB's, Litepanel mini camera light mount and miles of cable to pull it off. Every one asks if our home owner knew about it. Nope. It was a true surprise.
  "Jared Manders is an indispensable asset to any production. He has an unparalleled creative eye and genuine enthusiasm for his work that I have never seen in any other cameraman I've worked with. It is a sincere pleasure to work with Jared and I look forward to every field opportunity with him."

--Kerry Lambert, Producer The Food Network